KNTXT At Iconic Printwork London, A Show to Remember!

This past weekend was a showcase for Charlotte de Witte. Once again she demonstrated why she is an unstoppable force in the techno industry. The Founder of KNTXT did it once again. Putting Vindya, Alignment, Onyvaa, Indira Paganotto, 999999999 and Chris Liebing together to close a remarkable show that will remain in the heads of all the lucky fans who attended the event at London’s Sanctuary of electronic music, Printworks. The venue, sadly, will officially be closing down in 2023, but before that happens and as part of the last season of performances at the Iconic venue, KNTXT was scheduled. This past weekend Charlotte de Witte showed once again that she is a reigning queen of the dance floor. Attendees were excited for the lineup, and a chance to catch her spinning her signature set “The Age of Love”.

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According to the organizers, KNTXT represents purity, strength, and progression, all within a vibrant and ever-evolving techno scene. In the words of the promoters, “It’s very important to us to offer a platform for other artists. There are so many exciting talents and they deserve to be heard.”

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On Sunday, Feb 12th, starting at noon, Vindya opened KNTXT and gave us thumping underground beats to warm us up for the night. The party definitely ratcheted it up when Alignment made the crowd dance to the rhythm of ‘Attack’. With each new act, the show just kept escalating in energy, with people hungry for the deep techno sounds they were dancing to. At 4 pm, ONYVAA started with a live show that left us all hyped and wanting more.

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The second part of the night was pure perfection, with the presence of Indira Paganotto and her ‘Lions of God’ pulling at our emotions and providing a deep beat coupled with great harmonics. It once again energized the club and prepared us for what was about to come. The exuberance was palpable. By 6 pm, the following act “999999999” made the crowd go wild. They played their mix of ’Sleep Is the Cousin Of Death’ and the attendees were throwing their hands in the air to the beat. The next DJ was the always reliable Chris Liebing by which time the venue was absolutely packed, and he went on to perform his biggest tracks and get us ready for the final act by the queen of techno herself. Charlotte opened at 10 pm and was the closing act. The crowd was singing along to ‘Push up‘. The event ended with a beautiful phone light show that reminds us why KNTXT its a must-attend show and we can’t wait for it’s next edition.

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