Kio Shimoku Twitter Highlights October 2023

Not much to speak of this month, but I did post this right before Halloween, so there might be something interesting in the next few days (that I’ll be posting in November).

High-quality version of the color art from Chapter 26.

Kio responds to my tweet about the Genshiken pop-up store merch I procured.

Kio rewatched Girls und Panzer: das Finale Part 3 in anticipation for Part 4.

Before seeing Part 4, Kio was looking forward to seeing how the first-year team would do. Now that he’s seen it, he seems satisfied.

Kio defeated a Gargoyle outside the Bestial Sanctum in Elden Ring, and also is 33% through the story after beating Radahn. At first, he thought it’d be too strong, but managed to pull it off using the Watchdog’s Staff.

He had a tough time with Crucible Knights, but thinks they have cute tails.

Kio wonders if he can play The Last Guardian on PS5, and is informed that the PS4 version should be compatible. 

Kio defeated Astel and moved on to Liurnia.

He wants to beat everything, DLC included, but doesn’t know if he’ll be able to.

Kio wanted to re-read the vale tudo arc of the karate manga Shura no Mon (Asura’s Gate), which made him want to re-read the Showa arc of the similarly named but unrelated manga Shura no Toki (Time of Asura).

When asked if his next manga’s going to be fighting-based, Kio denies it.

Kio saw the movie Undercurrent, and thought it was a really good adaptation of the original.

Kio plans to watch the “Jungle Revenge” special for How Do You Like Wednesdays, but only got four hours of sleep, and is thinking he might doze off partway. Seems like this special is a follow-up to a DVD that was released six years ago.

In Elden Ring, Kio got a Dark Moon Greatsword.

A super-spicy curry for lunch followed with some Häagen Dazs.

Kio drew 100 pages of his ero manga, but still doesn’t feel that the end is in sight. He’s dumbfounded that he drew what he has, though.

Watching an “intense” turtle race on iZoo. Kio mentiones that there are even crashes.

Kio was having some trouble starting Twitter on his PC, but it was just because Microsoft Edge updating broke the start menu shortcut.

High-quality version of the cover to Genshiken Volume 7.

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