Kai Phi’s Recent Release Pays Tribute To California’s Nightlife Culture

Emerging DJ and producer, Kai Phi, celebrates California's lively and multifaceted nightlife in his latest release, “California Forever.” The track pays homage to the pre-party rituals that people engage in and features a beat and bass designed to mimic the slowed tempo of a heartbeat. The intention is to cultivate a sense of mindfulness and appreciation for life across cultures.

According to Kai Phi, "California Forever" is an ode to the various genres of music that make up the soul of California. These include EDM, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Punk, Pop, and Latin music. He highlights the significant contribution that the Golden State’s nightlife has made to its vibrant culture, and sees his latest release as a way of praising that culture.

The up-and-coming musician has three new singles set for release, each boasting a distinct sound and vibe. "Le Midi" takes inspiration from the South of France, evoking memories of motor yacht dance parties and summertime vibes. "Dream Drum" offers a surreal imagining of what drums might sound like in a fever dream experienced in outer space. Finally, "In Dig a New" takes its cue from a Nigerian English class vocabulary parody on YouTube, interpreting the word "indigenous" in a unique and creative way.

As an artist who is pro-AI, Kai Phi believes that AI is a tool to enhance and improve the human experience. While the EDM genre continues to grow in popularity and evolve with the help of emerging technologies like AR, VR, holography, and multidimensional imaging, he emphasizes that artists should not limit their potential for growth by fearing technology. The authentic connection with people through a chosen medium will never be replaced.

Listen to “California Forever” on Spotify:

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