Jono Grant Remixes Above & Beyond’s Smash Hit ‘Screwdriver’

Right after the latest Anjunabeats Volume 16 announcement, Jono Grant, member of Above & Beyond, decided to give Screwdriver’ a special touch. The ‘Jono Grant’s Summer Of ’95 mixis an ideal anthem for parties where we can finally get together and consolidate our taste in music, in a kind of group therapy. Available now via Anjunabeats.

It’s fair to say that most Above & Beyond recordings exist in different forms before they finally reach the festival stage, such as ambient beds, acoustic sessions, or early groove sketches. The trance trio always has at least one song with which to shock their audience in every possible way, they are always at the forefront studying their audience in a careful and dedicated way.

‘Screwdriver’ was Above & Beyond’s smash instrumental single from 2021. Jono, Tony and Paavo flipped the script on their established club sound with this fan-favorite track from the trio’s sold-out Group Therapy 450 festival in London last September. Now, Jono gives it an utterly beachy feel, with many elements more typical of 90’s house than the trance-melodic ambient with which the original single is based.

‘Screwdriver (Jono Grant’s Summer Of 95 Mix)’ a Big Festival Anthem Transformed With a Clubbing Theme

‘Screwdriver’ always made a statement in its supercharged breakbeat guise, but we could always hear echoes of a classic house idea in there as well. Jono’s mix brings this to the fore, giving the whole record a very UK summer feel.

Above & Beyond

The track was built entirely to be enjoyed in a large room, but this new version makes it suitable for a smaller club show. One of the fan-favorites on their recent ABGT 450, it became an ideal theme to evoke the underground but elegant parties of the 90s, a time when the group was beginning to blossom into what they are today: one of the most prominent artists of the world of electronic music.

Above & Beyond ‘Screwdriver’ (Jono Grant’s Summer Of ’95 Mix) is out now on Anjunabeats. Anjunabeats Volume 16, mixed by Above & Beyond, is available on July 22. A limited-edition run of physical CD copies and accompanying art print is available to pre-order from the Anjuna Music Store.

You can listen to Above & Beyond- ‘Screwdriver’ (Jono Grant’s Summer Of ’95 mix) below!

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