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Jacob Poe was born and raised in Portland Oregon. He was first introduced to the electronic underground music scene in 1997. He was instantly taken by the music he heard. Although Poe loves electronic music he enjoys all types of music and listens constantly for new genres in music. We got a chanse to speak to Jacob Poe and find out something more about his new EP ‘Floating on Air’, out on Uniting Souls Music.

Hi Jacob, great to be chatting with you today… so let’s start with how did you get into music?

As a kid, I loved to sing, although I was not very good. I remember I wanted to learn to play the drums, but my parents gave me piano lessons when I was eight years old instead. They told me once I mastered the piano; they would get me some drums. I never did get those drums, but I was fascinated by beats, rhythms, and song structure. Then in 2001, I got my first set of turntables and mixer. Shortly after that, I found the music software Acid and Reason. I instantly fell in love, and I’ve been playing and creating ever since.

You have a new EP (“Floating on Air”) out now on Uniting Souls Music! Tell us more about how you created the release.

With this EP, I was focused on dialing in the sound I wanted. I had just finished a Mixing and Mastering course with the legendary House Music producer Jay-J. I was very excited to take all my new knowledge and apply it to my latest tracks. I spent a lot of time tweaking these tracks to where they sounded the best. I am pleased with the way these tracks turned out.

Do you have a personal favorite out of the three tracks?

On this EP, I can not say. I love all three tracks for different reasons. I love Omens for its chugging tempo and dark vibes. I love Aquí for its Funky House groove and the bouncing bassline. And I love Floating On Air for its lifting vocals and lush keys.

Grab your copy HERE.

What are your go-to plugins or bits of hardware?

I love Effectrix by Sugar Bytes, but I mainly use Ableton Live software. I have been playing in the studio with a Behringer TD-3, Moog Matriarch, and a beautiful Oberheim OB-6. Special thanks to my good friend Adam for lending me them. I plan to incorporate them into my future projects.

How is the events industry / the local dance music scene where you are from?

I’ll admit I don’t get out as much as I like these days, but Portland has an influential music scene. We have seen some fresh venues pop up in the last few years, and I am happy to report they are going strong. Portland also has House Call PDX, Portland’s longest-running House Music night for 18 years now.

Finally… anything for us to look out for in 2023!?

I hope to get out and play more DJ sets. We will have some banging releases on my label Radda Records, soon. I am also collaborating in the studio with my talented friend Zita on an album and working on some stellar tracks with Adam Bailey. Be on the lookout for an album of my own to drop too.

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