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Up next in our interview series we have HEÎK! We’ll be introduceing this rising artist with his latest release on Unseen Records, ‘In Your Eyes’. Enjoy the read!

Hello! Thanks for your time! How would you introduce yourself to our audience?

Hello, first of all, thanks for having me here, its great to share some words with you guys. My name is HeÎk, I have more than 20 years on the electronic music world, I came from a project named Øostil, and have 3 year now working on my solo project, im an audio & recording engineer focused on production & dj and Im based on Mexico City at this moment

How would you describe your sound?

My sound its pretty much a mix up between some industrial take on melodic techno, progressive elements with some organic feeling that makes a unique formula to this dramatic and mind blowing carousel of emotions which is named HEÎK 🙂

How does your creative process start?

Normally I start just jamming with one of my favorite synthesizers, when I get to something I go immediately to my groove – bass which is the pilar of everything once I have a nice base on the track, I start to create a raw structure that takes me to the first draft of the track. Where I spend more time is on the edition of the track, Automating parameters, making transitions and shaping the layers of the synths, that is what makes the difference, the look on the detail. The perfectionism of an artistic expression is crucial to get where I wan.

One of the reasons for this interview is your latest release. What can you tell us about your 5-tracker EP ‘In Your Eyes’?

Its an very emotional EP for me cause mainly is dedicated to my Fiancé, the first two solo tracks are very different (23 & Seen Your Eyes) one is more climax tweaky sound, and the other more emotional peak time with a twist after the second part, I think I’ve reached a musical signature that I really enjoy, I’ve been playing these tracks for months and never bore me, the two un collaboration with a good friend & producer 33 Lives, takes us to a more vocal driven climax, more focused on a progressive sequence but with a plot twist similar to Seen Your Eyes, these two are also part of my sets since some time, this whole EP has a big meaning for me.

Your EP tells a gripping sonic story. Is there a story about it you want to share and what was the idea behind it?

Yes of course, each track was created on different moments of the last year, and marks the moment where I was, seen your eyes has a more sensual vibe at some moments, the whole idea of the ep takes you to a climax, a tweaky sound design, to a crazy driving synth layering & a vocal journey with some voices in French and other in German. I think this is a crazy tale the you need to listen from track 1 to 5 with no skips.

As much as this is probably hard to answer I will not ask you if you have a favorite from the release?

Of course, for me Seen your Eyes represents a lot, and the audience response is amazing, on second ill put Sunrise as is the one mostly played last year.

How are you satisfied with the first feedbacks?

Totally, the feedbacks are amazing, a lot of big artist playing the release is great to see the repercussion EP was released on UNSEEN Records, tell us something more about your collaboration with the label? Im super happy about the idea to be part of the label, what they are doing is amazing, Bruno & James are doing an amazing job on the curation and representation of the future music.

Citizen Kain contributed to the release with a remix of ‘23’? How did this remix happen?

It was very smooth, Bruno (Citizen Kain) loved the track since first time, and was very natural that he remixes that on.

Hailing from Latin America, how would you describe the scene and the crowd there to our mostly Europe-based readers?

Its a very warmth audience, which have different influences, mostly organic sounds are the ones who moves crowds here, I always said that the latin american crowd are super intense and they give everything on the dance floor. Compared the European crowd its different but both audience are amazing.

Speaking of your career, as a co-founder and ex former artist from the duo “ØOSTIL”, how do you feel as a solo act now and what are the good sides and what is more difficult?

First was a bit weird, but super liberating. I spend more time producing, and I take my own decisions, of course no one can do it alone, I have a team behind me which helps me a lot, but I definitely focus my time on the things that I feel. Im happy with that, and I enjoyed every moment as a solo artist. Im very happy to make a jump on my career as Øostil, but a new chapter is on and its really big.

What would you say were your highlights from 2022?

For sure my Argentina Tour was amazing, and all the Latin America gigs I had, have a different approach on my career cause I was headlining all the parties which is highly gratifying.

Any upcoming projects you would like to mention? What are your plans for the next year?

For 2023 ill push my project HeÎk Presents around Mexico and promote different events around the country. Also this is just the beginning, this year will come with a lot of new music and collaborations, Europe & India Tour, and Argentina Tour later this year.

Grab your copy of HEÎK ‘s ‘In Your Eyes’ HERE.

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