IndieMassive Is Music Distribution by Artists for Artists

Are you an independent artist and frustrated with your music distributor? Here are some reasons why we love the new music distribution service, IndieMassive.

How IndieMassive Started

Originally, IndieMassive launched as a boutique distribution company. They serviced select ground-breaking artists and labels in the independent community. Word quickly spread about their attitude and approach towards distribution. There was a huge surge of artists and labels requesting to join IndieMassive. They made the ultimate decision to re-build the platform and offer IndieMassive to the public. Now, all artists can access their tools/resources.

Reasons To Try IndieMassive

First off, IndieMassive has a very simple ethos. They aim to combat the toxic and manipulative nature that is prevalent in the music industry. They pride themselves on being the most transparent and sincere distributors on the market. IndieMassive was built by independent musicians in order to serve independent musicians. Every service and partner featured on IndieMassive is vetted and verified to be legitimate, with the same indie-forward attitude towards the industry.

Secondly, their team is almost entirely composed of musicians, producers and songwriters. Even prior to launching IndieMassive, it’s clear they knew a thing or two about music distribution. They have used every distributor in the book and experienced the various frustrations that only independent artists can understand. They always found serious flaws, shortcomings or just plain ridiculous money-grabbing implementations like endless hidden fees. There was a major gap in the market for an honest and transparent distributor. One that was truly built to benefit artists and give them a platform to grow. Not one that was just money-grabbing and automated.

IndieMassive’s Price and Services

Additionally, IndieMassive has three different plans depending on the amount of artists and releases needed. The big difference here is that all services offer no hidden fees and consideration from their active network on Spotify. This is a huge added bonus for artists that have experienced lackadaisical distributors with fees thrown in left and right.

Whether you’re frustrated with your current distributor, or looking to release music for the first time, its worth it to give IndieMassive a shot. You want as much care and attention releasing your music as the effort it took creating it. With no hidden fees and added support on your release, its hard to ignore this fresh new distributor as a viable option for your release. Check it out for yourself here!

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