Gareth Emery Writes About The Struggles Of The Post-Pandemic Dance Industry

Gareth Emery took to social media to pen a note about the post-pandemic dance scene. It is one well worth reading if you are a producer or DJ. Even if you are not, it will open your eyes to the struggles music artists face. Gareth stated how it is “ok to not be ok from time to time.” I think many people do need to hear this. Although mental health is being talked about more and more, people still feel alone on this matter.

The world will most certainly be better off if we continue to talk about our struggles. Having an artist like Gareth bring his darker feelings to the light is encouraging for me. I hope it also is for you. He notes that dance music post-pandemic is a difficult place. Many artists have struggled and sadly gone away from the industry. He particularly notes this with Trance.

Gareth wrote this note after struggling with an upcoming show in LA this Saturday. This week was one of the hardest he had in years. He does end on a positive note regarding self-belief and things aren’t supposed to be easy. To quote Paulo Coelho “There are some things in life that are worth fighting for to the end.”

There are some tickets still available for his LA show Saturday, September 24th. You can check on the rest of his tour schedule here.

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