[EVENT REVIEW] Odesza Killed It, Obviously

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Odesza is back after several years working in the studio, and boy have they upped their game. If you were familiar with them from their A Moment Apart tour, then you are in for a treat. There are more fireworks, more pyrotechnics, and everything is bigger, bolder, and brighter. 

Odesza is currently touring on The Last Goodbye tour after 3 years away from the spotlight. The duo, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, bring with them several vocalists from their tracks as well as a full drum line and live brass instruments. The live music component adds such an element of life to a show that is already dazzling and full of naturally percussive moments. 


The use of color and visuals are coordinated from the booming flamethrowers and giant confetti canons down to the bioluminescent drums that light up and change color with the staging. The Last Goodbye is chiefly a presentation of their new works from their album of the same name. However, Odesza manages to work in and sample their old works in new and inventive ways. They tease drops, and implant vocals from old tracks, all within the emotional landscape of their new material.

The group builds moments, touching down in the realms of many moods and styles. There are heavenly joyful moments where it felt like Above and Beyond, and moments ensconced with dark dirty bass where it felt more like Datsik. There was even a moment of stillness, where the beat was silenced, and a vocalist brought out the energy of a thousand cellphones that looked like fireflies dancing in the crowd. But of course, it was Odesza the whole time, taking us along with them on this wild ride. 

On the Interlude

One interesting feature of the set was an interlude, in which Clayton and Harrison stood back to back in the middle of the stage and closed their eyes. The drummers all played around them with visuals that created a feeling like the whole room was spinning. The two men of Odesza were taking a moment to allow the sound and experience to pierce them; to show us that they too, were experiencing this moment in time. It shows us that the creation ‘Odesza’, is more than just them, it’s all of us, and that they share in it just as we do. 

Interludes have fallen out of fashion in the last 20 years, but before that, artists used to use interludes to tie in the theme of their show. It was meant bring that message home to the audience. And it felt like, “We’re feeling this with you too”.

There is nothing like watching some amazing artists have the time of their lives; giving every last ounce of energy to light a fire in the crowd. And the crowd was great—Odesza fans are really here for the music and you’ll see lots of arms moving in the air throughout the set. There was even one guy who seemed determined to get the entire set filmed on his phone for his youtube channel… and even he had to put his phone down for some of those sick drops to wiggle those hips.

The Forum

The Kia Forum itself is a marvelous venue. The wrap around outdoor walkway, ample bathrooms, and many insta-stages mean that there are very few bottlenecked places. For Press, they put us stage left above the floor, and let me tell you! the ability to see the full staging and light show was a spectacle to behold.

As for getting in and out. The trick is to hire a car to take you to and from, because parking will eat up more time than it’s worth. And to walk a few blocks a way is no challenge at all to get a safe ride home. 

Odesza is currently on a Last Goodbye tour that will run through October 1st where it ends in San Francisco. Tickets are still available in certain cities. The new album is also available on all streaming platforms. 

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