Adriatique Releases Remix for Swedish House Mafia’s & The Weeknd’s Collab ‘Moth To A Flame’

This week, the Swiss duo of DJs and producers Adriatique released their latest remix. Adriatique has put its own spin on Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Moth To A Flame’ featuring The Weeknd. This remix is a bit of a surprise, but a welcomed one for sure. The mixture of the sounds of two of the biggest groups in recent dance music history come together. The result is a very enjoyable, well-crafted remix. And so, the Swedish House Mafia goes on to prove that they remain a force to be reckoned with inside this industry.

Adriatique's new remix for Moth To a Flame is here!

Swedish House Mafia’s debut album continues dictating what a big part of the industry is doing in 2022. Be it through collaborations, performances, or remixes, the trio that launched the raw sounds of progressive house into the mainstream just keeps delivering. As such an influence on many of us, it comes as no surprise that their latest songs are constantly remixed by DJs from all genres across the dance music spectrum. That is why even though this remix comes as a bit of a surprise, it’s an understandable one.

Adriatique Puts Their Own Spin Into SHM’s Disco-Imbued ‘Moth To A Flame’

In my opinion, the remix is nothing short of magnificent. Adriatique does magnificent work by dissecting the track into pieces that make sense. The duo then proceeds to rebuild the puzzle. They, however, change the whole construction of the Weeknd’s letter. The result is a whole different structure. The vibe remains. The story, nevertheless, seems to have changed.

On top of it all, we’re gifted with an exquisite set of drums and extra effects and layers added that end up creating one of the best remixes I’ve heard in a while.

Hats off to Adriatique – they’ve once again delivered a masterpiece.

Stream Swedish House Mafia Ft. The Weeknd – ‘Moth To A Flame’ (Adriatique Remix) out now!

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