Eric Prydz’s Cirez D Set from EDC Mexico Is Here – And It’s Even Better Than Expected

Eric Prydz, the man of many faces, delivered two astounding sets last weekend. During EDC Mexico‘s most recent edition, the Swedish DJ performed sets both under his main alias and his alter ego Cirez D. The genius behind some of the most memorable events in dance music during the last decades delivered the heat in Mexico City for almost 3 hours. Now, you can watch the entirety of Prydz’s set thanks to a concert attendee who’s recorded and uploaded the set in its entirety.

EDC Mexico, the country’s biggest festival and one of the biggest events in the entire dance music industry is took place this weekend. Celebrating its 9th edition, the festival seems to be going as strong as ever. Ever since changing its format to a 3-day event, EDC Mexico has risen to a whole new level when it comes to the size of the project.

So far, the festival has managed to live up to the standards year after year. Although there have been some complaints about the rise in the price of both the tickets and everything sold inside the festival and the addition of artists that are not part of the dance music scene, EDC Mexico continues to be one of the most loved festivals in all of Latin America.

Watch the EDC Mexico Set from Cirez D

EDC Mexico was the first and only time I’ve seen Prydz play, and I was not disappointed. The memory’s one of my favorite ones inside the festival, and after watching Cirez D’s set at EDC Mexico, I know I’m not the only one who’ll feel that way. Prydz took the decks under his alias to deliver one of the finest sets I’ve heard in a long time – a masterclass on how to take thousands of people on a unique musical journey.

Stream Cirez D’s set at EDC Mexico 2023 below!

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