Enrico Sangiuliano Announces Debut NINETOZERO Event

Techno titan Enrico Sangiuliano just announced a new NINETOZERO #9 solo event. It takes place on June 11th at De Marktkantine, Amsterdam. This is Enrico’s correlative solo event series that extends the label’s narrative and ethos into an immersive live experience. He highlights the evanescent beauty of music and club culture. From start to finish, the dance music maestro is performing solo with unbridled musicality. Stay tuned for select tracks that free his creativity outside the bounds of genre and tempo. 
At the Marktkantine in Amsterdam, this event celebrates the launch of this inspiring new project. What’s more, fans can experience the first collection of NINETOZERO tracks in the intended transitory setting. Secondly, NINETOZERO’s ephemeral messaging also celebrates Amsterdam’s beloved venue closing. It’s been around for three decades playing for the community’s underground audiences. Lastly, due to its impending closure, the ‘temporary’ space is the perfect home for Enrico’s anthemic strain of underground music.

Now, this is a curated all-night-long series. These NINETOZERO chapters challenge modern techno-heads and provide them with a fleeting moment of bliss to cherish. Sangiuliano has proved to be a breakthrough talent in the contemporary dance music space. He finds equal comfort and success in the studio and behind the decks. In addition to his 10-chapter transient record label, the techno phenomenon prepares to unveil the first opus, #9 (“Silence”) in the label’s countdown saga. 

Get ready for the journey, from Silence to Silence. Every NINETOZERO release will drop alongside an all night long set somewhere on the planet. From the beginning to the end.

Tickets are available now.

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