Eelke Kleijn Drops Dark Horse (Live Version)

Eelke Kleijn is back in action, and we couldn’t be more excited. The last time we wrote about his music, was this past February. At that time, we wrote about his tune, ‘Transmission’. Today, we bring you a new tune from the Dutch maestro, albeit, a bit differently. I say this, as his latest tune, ‘Dark Horse‘ was recorded live, and in one take. With that said, this tune displays not only his production prowess, but his impeccable taste. If you’re a fan of Eelke Kleijn, this is a tune that you do not want to miss.

Dark Horse (Live Version)

Over the years, Kleijn has come to be known for his wide range of skills & talents. When he isn’t busy scoring films such as Batman vs Superman, Rush, and This Means War, he is locked away producing dance music magic. ‘Dark Horse’ is just that – magic. It isn’t every day that we see, much less hear, producers recording music live – and then releasing said music. At least not in the world of dance music, where everything is perfectly tuned, and cut to a tee.

‘Dark Horse’ is a deep, groove driven track, that will get even the staunchest critic to bob & jive. With this being a live recording, you can really pick up on the emotion & nuance, that has gone into the creation of this track. Kleijn’s ‘Dark Horse’ (Live Version) features a vibe that burns on, eminating energy as the track progresses. It contains a rolling bassline, tantalizing percussion, & catchy synth work. If you’re into deep, progressive music, then this is a tune that you will not want to miss.

The live version of Eelke Kleijn’s ‘Dark Horse’ is quite the musical journey, clocking in at a whopping seven minutes & twenty-seven seconds. Having said that, ‘Dark Horse’ is out now on DAYS like NIGHTS via Armada Music, and can be streamed below. Enjoy!

Eelke Kleijn – Dark Horse (live version) | STREAM

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About Eelke Kleijn:

The fact that Eelke Kleijn DJs in his socks and produces in a standing position tells you a lot
about what you need to know about him.

Three albums into a well-established yet still rapidly ascending career, Kleijn is an artist very
much in his element.
In the grand scheme of things, he’s an underground artist, but one who
has effortlessly made the jump into the wider world when the time and opportunity have felt
right. His remixes for the likes of John Legend, Pendulum, and James Newton Howard &
Jennifer Lawrence are testament to his ability to reach wider audiences without giving up on
his core values.

With a background playing piano, guitar and bass and a healthy sideline in composing for
film and TV, his productions are imbued with a deep sense of musicality and emotion, always
engendering a strong sense of space, place, and occasion. His work scoring Hollywood
blockbusters like Batman vs Superman, Rush, Parker, and This Means War has been met with great acclaim.

Two years after Moments Of Clarity, Eelke’s profound production skill took another leap with the release of Oscillations, his incredible 2020 LP. Blending progressive, ambient, breakbeat, and other shades of electronic music into beloved dance floor weapons as well as gems that can be enjoyed for home.

The album also features beautiful vocal work from the likes of Josha Daniel, Nathan Nicholson and Diana Miro. DAYS like NIGHTS is becoming an increasingly important part of what he does. Serving as a multi-faceted platform where he enjoys total creative control, it encompasses a label, a radio
show and podcast and spectacular parties.

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