EDMTunes Tasty Tunes Tuesday – Week 47 (Part Two)

Because one wasn’t enough this week.


Here are even more of our top picks for our Tasty Tunes Tuesday series, in no particular order.

Markus Schulz & Melody Mane – Stay Gold

Genre: Deep Trance

Markus Schulz is one of those artists you just can’t not know. With over a million Facebook followers — just like us! —, this guy has been at the very front of the music scene for a long while. The owner of Coldharbour Recordings and remixer for Moroder and Madonna sure knows a thing or two about production.

Schulz’s latest journey comes by the hand of Melody Mane, and under the name ‘Stay Gold‘. The track features warm pianos, subtle arpeggios, soft vocals, and a lovely rhythm that reminds us of a dreamy crossover between deadmau5 and Gareth Emery.

Hollt – World’s Perception

Genre: Melodic Techno

Coming your way from The Netherlands, producer Hollt is the latest addition to Techno powerhouse Massano‘s imprint Simulate. He’s well on his way to becoming the next Melodic Techno superstar, and his latest three-parter, the World’s Perception EP, is proof of that.

The EP’s opener track is titled, well, ‘World’s Perception‘, and contains all the elements that define the genre. We’re talking euphoria, high intensity, oomph, melody, and progressive goodness. No wonder the track has been supported by the biggest names in the game already!

Khetama – Believe in Mysteries

Genre: Disco, House

Khetama‘s beginnings go as far back as the late 80s. The man has been able to see the scene evolve, yet he’s kept a sound that froze in time, and for the good too. Originally from Germany, Khetama has played all over the world, and even became a resident DJ for the Dockland club over in Deutschland.

Believe in Mysteries‘ is a testament to Khetama’s timeless blend of Disco, House, Funk, and all the things we love. The song puts together a tasty selection of funky guitars, the catchiest percussion, and even those uplifting choirs that force you to throw your hands up high.

Loreno Mayer & Bitas – Castlemartyr

Genre: Progressive Trance

Loreno Mayer is one of the strongest up-and-coming Progressive Trance producers out there at the moment. Based in Croatia, his music has been signed to labels like Revealed, Enhanced, Black Hole, and Elliptical Sun, to name a few. For his latest track, he’s joined by Bolivian producer Bitas. The piece? ‘Castlemartyr‘.

This one has a special place in my heart. As a Progressive Trance producer myself, I loved the energy from the very first drop. Those disgusting growls that make you go “mmmmmm“? They are there. The lovely blend of melody and filth? It’s there too. Have a listen, you’ll see what I mean.

R!DM feat. Gideon Luciana – Identity

Genre: Drum and Bass

Welcome R!DM, the mastermind behind ‘Identity‘. You can note a love for the analogue sound, and the care for the extra textures and ear candy on his productions. For his latest, he’s joined by the empowering vocals of Gideon Luciana. “I might not be perfect but no matter what I do, I am still loved, I am free, I am healed and I am sure“, says the track.

‘Identity’ has an incredible amount of seasoning to it, it sounds super savoury from the very moment the catchy bass enters. Basslines like those are a rare find in the EDM world. Watch the track morph into a lovely Light Drum and Bass beat that is far from overwhelming. Instead, it’s a minimalistic wonder, ideal for a late night drive.

Heydiz & Zevs, Gigo’n’Migo – Just Believe

Genre: Deep House, House

Two duos join forces for a German-bred collaboration. Heydiz & Zevs and Gigo’n’Migo are both masters at their own craft, but it all goes up a few notches when four minds wilfully decide to take their own influences and craft something extraordinary. Something like ‘Just Believe‘.

With vocal shots reminiscent of Wolgang Gartner, and a round of vocals that drive you to singing the lyrics after just a couple seconds, ‘Just Believe’ is an ode to the former Deep House sound, with a fresh treatment that borrows cues from genres such as Bass House and Tech House.

Stanley Kubrix – La Playa

Genre: Tech House, Latin House

Named after the eccentric American film director, Stanley Kubrix has an objective in mind: to translate iconic characteristics of Mr Kubrick into his songs. Known for tasty beats with groovy basslines, Stanley (the producer) has earned a name for himself in the EDM industry due to a sound that is hard to resist.

His latest tune, ‘La Playa‘ explores weaving together Latin and Middle Eastern sounds and techniques, and carefully positions this result over quite the Tech House base. This guy casually dropped one of the hardest beats of the month like it was nothing. Get ready to make your best lemon face.

JSN & Gus Wolf feat. Nick Cesarés – Simpler Times

Genre: Future House, House

JSN and Gus Wolf had been friends for a while when this song was born. Four years ago, the idea of ‘Simpler Times‘ was born. It sat around, unfinished, for a good while, until they came across Nick Cesarés, who sang the definitive vocals.

A happy yet melancholic summer-like song, ‘Simpler Times’ takes a trip down memory lane to that era most of us remember with a sense of nostalgia, making us return to a place we dearly love, and dearly miss. A time when “Things were okay“, as Nick sings.

Final Words

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