Charles D Unleashes New EP – ‘Flames’

Charles D is at it again! The upcoming techno heavyweight has unleashed an array of high-power offerings on his new EP. ‘Flames’ features 3 tracks with the trademark Charles D sound laced all over them. It sees the light of day on Arcane Records.

The title track, ‘Flames‘, serves as the EP’s incendiary centerpiece. With its relentless beats, thunderous basslines and searing synths, this track is a sonic inferno. It’s a reflection of Charles D’s ability to create an atmosphere of unbridled intensity. ‘Let Me Tell You This‘, the EP’s second offering, is a sonic lightning bolt. Its electrifying and mesmeric production captivates the listener from the first beat. With intricate sound design and a relentless rhythm, it’s a track that refuses to let go, keeping the energy levels at their peak throughout.

The journey culminates with ‘Inside Out‘, a track that explores the entrancing and uplifting dimensions of techno. Its mesmerizing melodies and driving percussion create a sonic voyage that transcends the ordinary. This three-track powerhouse is surely set to ignite dance floors with its relentless energy and hypnotic grooves. Prepare yourselves for around 12 minutes of uplifting bangers.

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