Culprit Curates ‘EDMjunkies+040,’ with Galen, Lorenzo Dada, and Robotek ReaganCulprit Curates ‘EDMjunkies+040,’ with Galen, Lorenzo Dada, and Robotek Reagan

We’re ready to present the 40th edition of EDMjunkies+.

This month’s edition comes from America’s west coast, where EDMjunkies was first born, because it’s helmed by Culprit, the Los Angeles label curated by Andriy Osyka.

Founded in 2009, Culprit was forged around the famed rooftop parties thrown by the founding trio of Osyka, Justin Sloe, and Brett Griffin, together known as Droog, and it has since become an outlet for all shades of deeper dance music. For this package, Osyka has chosen Lorenzo Dada, one of Culprit’s core artists, plus two upcoming names in Galen and Robotek Reagan, who as one half of Dance Spirit has been working with Culprit since 2012.

Opening the edition is Galen with “Hi-Lo,” one of several new tracks he’s set to release over the coming months, inspired by his Sunset Sound System events, before Lorenzo Dada steps up as Tears of Blue, a project of his that fuses neo-classical and ambient with electronics. He’s delivered “Time,” a studio version of a live track originally recorded before a concert in Rome, Italy last Spring. To close, we’ve gone with Robotek Reagan and a masterfully produced piece of IDM that he finished after moving back to Los Angeles from Tahoe, where he’s been living for the last few years.

Robotek Reagan also created this month’s cover art.

All the money raised from new subscribers to this edition will be donated to support the people of Ukraine, as will the artist fees, more specifically to Razom. Culprit label founder Osyka is Ukrainian and has family currently living there, so this has personal meaning to Culprit. If you would like more information on that, please email [email protected].

Thanks, as usual, for your continued support.

The EDMjunkies Team.

The music, PDF zine, and wallpaper art can be downloaded once you SUBSCRIBE HERE. If you’re already a subscriber, you can download the package below.

Editor’s note: the subscriber NFT will be available next week and a note will be sent out to subscribers.

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