Complexion of sound Pour Their Melancholic Sonic Flow Over Latest Releases

Complexion of Sound has released the freshest, most forward thinking electronic remake tracks titled “Love Is A Battlefield,” “Better Off Alone,” “I Ran,” and their own production “Take The Town.”  In these tracks, Complexion of Sound uses familiar sounds and re-invent them through techniques used in the most professional segments of electronic music, but in a purely sonic context, it sounds cinematic and soulful, and extremely soothing to the ears. The melancholic flow on the songs sounds like it’s based on love, nostalgia, and memories. But the production, especially on “Take The Town,” is next-level and modern with wild synths, drums and huge textures. 

Complexion of Sound surely knows how to put together a track. With high flying vocals, intricate electronic cuts, and otherworldly production, these tunes will certainly be a staple in your playlists for some time to come. Bump it down below and enjoy!

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