Chris Lake Embraces A.I. On Social Media

British DJ and Producer Chris Lake has jumped onto the Artificial Intelligence debate. In his latest social media post, Chris seems to embrace A.I. as a tool that helps creators and artists rather than replace them. He has summed up the anxieties around A.I. and what it would mean for artists placing emphasis on a “pure” form of creativity that helps us stay ahead of the technology curve by embracing “the magic of human ingenuity,” something he hopes A.I. could never replicate. He concluded his post by saying:

I do think A.I. should be taken seriously in the music industry, but I also am using this as a reminder (…) that if we focus on trying new ideas (…), I think we can create things a computer absolutely cannot, and that is where all our energies should go towards.

You can read the complete A.I. opinion from Chris right here.

The Deal With A.I.

Artificial Intelligence is more present and active than ever in the current world. That statement, naturally, applies to music too. It is a topic that causes division — some for, some against —, but leaves no one indiferent. Musicwise, we’ve seen artists like Grimes write an A.I.-powered album AI Lullaby, and ilan Bluestone use A.I.-generated vocals for his single ‘On Me’. We’ve also seen some instances go a bit too far. A recent example would be Boomy’s recent controversy about its music, automatically generated from user’s inputs of taste and genre.

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