Bolier pays homage to Depeche Mode with new single “Best Friend (Never Let Me Down)”

The Dutch producer Bolier is back with another mesmerizing summery track. “Best Friend (Never Let Me Down)” combines the iconic lyrics of Depeche Mode with a subtle vocal and Bolier’s signature style resulting in a refreshing, revamped track. 

“Best Friend (Never Let Me Down)” is a chilled sonic journey as Bolier effortlessly blends nostalgic elements with infectious melodies and subtle atmospheric vocals that creates tranquility. The song is perfect for both relaxation and dancefloor escapades.

Bolier has been making waves on the international electronic music scene for several years. ‘Sunshine’, his 2014 collaboration with Dutch duo, Redondo, saw him morph his sound into the more organic, pop-influenced deep house that has become his signature. Further Redondo collaborations – “Every Single Piece” featuring US indie band She Keeps Bees, and “Lost & Found” featuring Bitter’s Kiss – and “Forever And A Day” (working with Natalie Peris), have seen him continue his rise to fame. Following this, Bolier surprised everyone in 2016 with an official collab with the late reggae icon Bob Marley, reworking his ‘Is This Love’ together with LVNDSCAPE.

Supported by the Marley family, the track got picked up worldwide, by now counting over 153 million Spotify streams. More recently, he dropped last year’s popular deep house tune ‘Imagine’ and recently presented the successful collab single with Joe Stone, titled “Keep This Fire Burning.” Meanwhile, Bolier undertook a sweet summer tour, including Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Ministry of Sound. The release of “Follow Me” featuring NBLM marks the launch of his own imprint FRCST, a platform for Bolier to showcase music by him and others he thinks deserve the spotlight “Best Friend (Never Let Me Down)” is available now from Spinnin’ – stream here 

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