Belgian Instrumental Hip-Hop Group 40 Winks Next on Project Mooncircle

Project Mooncircle will release a new album from 40 Winks, the instrumental hip-hop group made up of Padmo and Weedy, from Antwerp, Belgium.

Field Recordings is the group’s first new body of work since 2011’s It’s The Trip, also on Project Mooncircle, and it follows the deluxe edition release of Sound Puzzle, originally released in 2007 on MERCK Records.

We’re told that the pair recorded much of the album on the road, lacing their meticulously chopped signature sound with “accidental recordings” from their favourite Tascam. Across 17 tracks, jazz, soul, and gospel influences float beautifully to the surface, the Berlin label tells EDMjunkies.

Artwork comes from Afreux, with mastering by Sven Friederichs.


01. Free Birds / Kalimba ’73
02. We’re Flying
04. Deeeep Diiiive
05. The Weeping Soul
06. Tried_so_harddd
07. We’ve Come This Far
09. Other World Prelude
10. Catch The Sky
11. Lucy’s Advice
13. Dark Hope OST
14. Way Too High For This
15. Mindful Harmonics I
16. Mindful Harmonics II
17. Mindful Harmonics III

Field Recordings lands on September 3. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here. We’ll add public streams as they become available.

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