Barkin Unleashes The Heat With ‘Take A Risk’

Off the heels of his first release of the year, Barkin returns with an Electric House tune. Teaming up with UK Rapper KXNE, “Take A Risk” will give you your best bass face while your body moves to the beat. Out on Austin Kramer’s TBD.

The track gets right into the action with a build quickly rising. KXNE shows off his talents as energy continues to escalate. Inspirational and positive messages are at the core of his words before a monumental drop hits. The record is a great example of fusing EDM and Hip Hop together. 

An immense bass hits our ears before a stuttering synth responds back. Power continues to surge through the first drop with more elements being added. A bridge provides contrast allowing our bodies to cool off before a raucous second drop. This drop stays true to the first but has more spirals and pitch bends leaving our brains joyful.

Barkin had this to say about the record:

“’Take A Risk‘ is one of my favorite tracks I have made. In life, you have to take risks to achieve your dreams. I hope this track inspires you to take a risk and chase your dreams”

Make sure to check it out below!

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