ARTBAT Rolls Out Headbobbing New Single ‘Generation’

ARTBAT went to town on their newest single, ‘Generation‘, right away you feel the exhilarating energy of being at a rave. Their methodically used synths and melodic rhythm make your heart rush and put you in a trance.

The Ukrainian duo again delivered musical quality to ravers adding to their vast collection of dance floor stompers. This summer, ‘Generation’ will surely be rinsed at clubs and festivals as it’s the perfect track to take partygoers to a mystical place.

Prior to ARTBAT’s latest tune, they’ve been working hard to release music through their new record label Upperground. And on top of that, they also played Coachella this year and are on their way to play Tomorrowland.

If you are curious about what else ARTBAT has on the way or if they are playing near you, go check out their social pages. And make sure to give ARTBAT’s new song ‘Generation’ a listen below.

Photo via Facebook: ARTBAT

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