Andrew Bayer Drops ‘What Is Real / If You Loop It, They Will Come’

Outstanding DJ Andrew Bayer drops a six-track homage to his debut album ‘What Is Real / If You Loop It, They Will Come‘. Each track on his latest piece of work is stellar and ready to get the dance floors moving all night. 

It’s a collection that works for any mood, whether listening to ‘If You Loop It, They Will Come’ or ‘Chaos’. As for collaborations, Bayer picked a variety of smaller talented artists like Vök, Asbjørn, Run Rivers and Alison May

These tracks mean a tremendous lot to the talented artist and show the deeper side of his music. Here is some of what Bayer said about it on Facebook

“‘What Is Real’ and ‘If You Loop It, They Will Come’ highlight an important pairing of my club sound. ‘What Is Real’ with Vök tells the story of struggling with treating depression and the side effects it brings. ‘If You Loop It, They Will Come’ is the response to being stuck in the eternal loop of knowing what is real and what isn’t.”

Besides making these touching tunes, the producer released Duality (Part 1) and announced a massive Duality tour. So stay tuned to see what else is coming from Andrew Bayer and listen to ‘What Is Real / If You Loop It, They Will Come’ below. 

Photos via Facebook: Andrew Bayer

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