Yotto Releases Single ‘Silhouette’ Off Forthcoming Album: Erased Dreams

For those of you beginning to dabble in the world of Ajunabeats, Yotto is a keystone artist under Above and Beyond’s expansive label. The Helsinki native is known for his monumental sets that clap like thunder with his deep bass-driven house. However, his new single ‘Silhouette’ from his new album Erased Dreams will flip the coin on his usual hard outgoing style, and play into the downtempo atmospheric vibe for which he is lesser known. 

The full album will be available July 11th and can be pre-saved here, with the new single available here.

“I think the beauty lies in the simplicity of it, It’s slow and steady and it grows.” 

The album will have eight songs and will be released under Anjunabeats sister label, Reflections. This newer label is home to the slower and more ethereal styles. And Erased Dreams hits that home with its feeling of a stretching soundscape and euphoric dream tones. 

“So I started messing around with pedals and stuff, trying to see how far I can stretch one sound, so a lot of the album comes from me trying to make endless sounds from different sources.” – Yotto 

Turn inward and drift away.

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