W&W Tease Amazing New 2013 Style Bigroom ID

W&W just teased a new track on their socials full of 2013 Bigroom vibes, and we somehow feel nostalgic about it. Listen below.

In the video below the dutch duo shared the track break where we can hear the buildup and their signature drop. In addition, the track will most probably have a music video that we can already see in the clip they shared.

Could this be the comeback of Bigroom? not this fast. The Dutch duo will definitely have a good summer with the comeback of iconic festivals and the singalongs EDM tracks. For example, Tomorrowland will have a 2010-2012 stage where we will be hearing a lot of beautiful classics. However, other genres such as tech-house, techno, and the house spectrum are not leaving space back anytime soon, leaving little hope for bigroom, a genre that got so much love, but got too exploited and it all fired back.

Anyway, we are definitely more than happy to hear this kind of release making a comeback and probably one across festival mainstages. If on the same festival weekend, we can let our 2012 nostalgia give us goosebumps, while we also enjoy bangers from other genres, then that would be a close-to-perfect musical experience.

This W&W release is already making crowds go crazy and we’re more than ready to hear it. The release date hasn’t been announced yet, so stay tuned when it comes out. So, what do you think about this throwback track and bigroom in general?

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