Wildfire Alerts Issued for Those Traveling to Ibiza and Balearic Islands

Clubbers wanting to go to Ibiza and the Balearic Islands, beware. A ‘Red Alert‘ has been issued for wildfires and high temperatures. While the heat is plaguing us in the States, it seems it is also spreading to other parts of the world. These extreme weather conditions affect Ibiza, Majorca, and Menorca, where temperatures climb to over 40°C in some areas. Firefighters are warning locals and visitors to stay away from wooded areas surrounding the islands.

Summer is here in full swing, and you may need to check with your travel provider before traveling and follow local advice. The Greek island of Corfu already endured evacuations following wildfire concerns. Additionally, 19,000 were evacuated from the Greek island, Rhodes. The ongoing wildfires across Europe in recent weeks are causing quite a stir.

What causes these wildfires? Extreme temperatures and a prolonged dry period. The combination of these conditions plus wooded and grassland areas become susceptible to fires. Not to mention the lit cigarettes, disposable BBQs, and glass bottles left behind from holiday. It is advised for tourists to proceed with extreme caution when booking travel to these destinations in Spain, France, and Greece. Some countries even now have fines for not properly picking up after themselves and potentially causing wildfires.

What’s more, flames near highways in the southern parts of Italy have reached temperatures above 47°C. Dubrovnik and other areas of southern Croatia are fighting wildfires causing undetonated landmines to explode. The strong wind is also a formidable adversary in these tumultuous weather times. This isn’t the first time wildfires interfere with vacations and upcoming music events across Europe. But it’s certainly “alarmingly overwhelming”. Take caution through the “tinder boxes” of Europe and stay safe!

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