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Le Youth – Aquiver

A fresh name joins Lane 8‘s This Never Happened imprint with Le Youth releasing the three-track ‘Aquiver’. An appealing aspect to every release on the label is how Lane 8 introduces them by sharing something about the work or artist. On a different end, the newsletters also help to incorporate interviews such as the ones with Ben Böhmer and Jerro.


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my history with @leyouth goes way back to the very beginning of the lane 8 project. he was one of the first artists to give me a real remix job, back when we were both producing very different styles and I was just a random guy working a desk job making music every minute of free time i had. our sounds have evolved and changed a lot over the years so I was really thrilled when Wes emailed me a few months ago that he was pursuing a different sound and wanted to release these songs on @thisneverhappenedlabel. i really feel like these are some of the most special pieces of music we have ever put out!! sometimes you can just tell when an artist has had an epiphany moment and I feel like that comes through on all 3 of these songs. hope you enjoy. also so happy to announce that le youth will be joining me for the Miami, Denver and Phoenix shows on the Brightest Lights tour!!

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Le Youth’s ‘Aquiver’ includes the title track between the first, ‘P.M.‘ and the concluding ‘Ephemeral‘ spanning approximately 20 minutes. Delving in, the first track finesses sharp-edged synths and bright vocal chops which end up dipping into a cozier tone. Having a rather positive overall feeling to it, the track feels like a blanket within its warmth. From there, the title track takes to the depths of the night through eerie echoing drones pulling percussion and melodies inwards. Reaching the end, ‘Ephemeral’ elegantly takes vibrant beautiful tones combining with deep kicks and bass. Building on the idea, the track factors in elements between the preceding two building a connecting bridge. Whether it’s day or night, this track can run its course independently denoting a thematic progression in the EP.

The Tour

Beyond the release of ‘Aquiver’, Lane 8 announced that Le Youth will be joining him on a few tour dates. The producer is the second support announced trailing Jerro who had ‘Pantheon‘ released earlier. Finally, find your tickets for the ‘Brightest Lights‘ tour to see them in person through the link here.

Listen to Le Youth’s ‘Aquiver’ on Lane 8’s This Never Happened!

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