Web3 Wrap: Regis, Surgeon, and Bergonist Launch Nina Hubs, NFT.NYC Events, FWB Garage, and MoreWeb3 Wrap: Regis, Surgeon, and Bergonist Launch Nina Hubs, NFT.NYC Events, FWB Garage, and More

The latest Web3 Wrap includes the upcoming launch of Nina Protocol’s Hubs, which will feature Hubs from Regis, Surgeon, Bergonist, and more, NFT.NYC events with MODA DAO and Refraction, Friends With Benefits’ grants program FWB Garage, Water & Music’s music NFT contract template update, and more.

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Regis, Surgeon, and Bergonist Help Launch Nina Protocol’s Hubs, a New Way to Publish, Share, and Discuss Music Online, Next Week

Self-publishing protocol Nina has announced the public launch date of Hubs, a new way to publish, share, and discuss music online.

Hubs is set to launch on June 21, with Hubs from Surgeon, Regis, Rrose, Torn Hawk, Bergonist, and Helm, among others. According the the press release, a Nina Hub will allow anyone to publish new releases directly to their page; repost releases from across Nina to their page; publish their own written material or the work of others, such as reviews of posted music or release notes; add collaborators to publish and repost with you as a way to build community; and host your Nina-powered page on a custom domain.

Hosting a Hub on a custom domain means that the user isn’t reliant on any servers Nina is using or running. Even if Nina ceases to exist, as long as the Solana and Arweave blockchains operate, you will be able to host your Hub and continue to publish content. These self-hosted Hubs will also support token-gating.

You can read more about Hubs here.

dreamcastmoe, Jimmy Edgar, Yu Su, and LATASHÁ Announced for Refraction NYC 

Virtual music and arts festival Refraction has announced a multi-venue program for NFT.NYC.

Leading the program will be a Refraction takeover of Zero Space, a 50,000 square foot venue and metaverse studio in Brooklyn that will host an immersive set of IRL and URL concerts and spaces, including a gallery featuring work from Fingerprints DAO, MUSE0, and the Refraction Vault, and a live minting station for a special NFT drop from Nicolas Sassoon and Yu Su. The event will also feature performances from LATASHÁ, Aluna, JWords, and others.

The other venues set for Refraction events include The Lot Radio, which will host a live block party, Public Works Administration, which will feature an underground subway gallery with an exhibition from Sarah Friend, and Café Balearica, which will act as a private artist’s lounge.

Jimmy Edgar, Prefuse73, and dreamcastmoe are also noted as playing events for Refraction NYC.

You can RSVP to the events here.

MODA Announces Music3 Live Event at Brooklyn Mirage for NFT.NYC 

MODA DAO has announced the details for NFT.NYC event OWN THE MUSIC.

Hosted at The Brooklyn Mirage on June 21, OWN THE MUSIC will feature performances by deadmau5, NERO, Noizu, Daniel Allan, and BRUX. On the night, MODA will launch its Music3 framework, with collectible “Audio Genesis” releases premiered by the headline artists, which, according to MODA, will be the first time new-and-back-catalog electronic releases have been made available in this “new collectible industry-ready digital format.” The collectibles will be streamable on emanate.live and tradable via the Orb marketplace, which is also an event sponsor.

You can find more about the event here.

FWB Opens Applications for Member’s Grant Program

Friends With Benefits (FWB) has opened up applications for FWB Garage, a grants program for members.

FWB Garage opens up a channel for FWB members to propose, fund, and produce creative projects that benefit the FWB community. Ideas and applications must fall under one of three categories: Friends, which includes any social exchange (digital or IRL) that allows members to hang out and get to know each other better; Benefits, which includes any product or initiative that only the FWB community can access or participate in; and Wildcard, which includes anything experimental, unexpected, or uncategorizable. 

Up to $50,000 worth of $FWB has been allocated for this season, with up to $20,000 for each category and up to $10,000 per approved application and project. The program is open to both Local and Global members, meaning applicants must hold at least 5 $FWB tokens ($60 US at the time of writing) to be able to receive a grant.

You can read more about FWB Garage here.

Water & Music Drops a New Update to its Music NFT Contract Template

Water & Music has released a new update to its music NFT contract template.

The updated contract template adds legal protections for off-chain benefits such as merch, which includes physical and digital collectibles (art, clothes, other NFTs), and access utilities, which Water & Music defines as those that “provide IRL experiences upon redemption and, in their redemption, require the physical or digital presence of the redeemer.” This adds to v1 of the contract, which focused on a “single piece of artwork with music attached to it, all owned by a single creator.”

Water & Music’s template is modular, guiding the user through various questions based on their needs and use cases and outputting a custom PDF file that the user can attach to their NFT releases. There are also educational points along the way, providing creators with an invaluable resource in the NFT world.

You can read more about the contract updates here, with the template builder available here.

What to Join and Who to Follow:

spinz808: prominent music NFT collector.

Sam Sends: Glass protocol co-founder.

Rrose: artist and producer now releasing on Nina.

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