Web3 Weekly Wrap: Telefon Tel Aviv and EFFIXX and Sven Väth Announce NFT Drops, Zora EMBED, Universal’s BAYC Supergroup, and MoreWeb3 Weekly Wrap: Telefon Tel Aviv and EFFIXX and Sven Väth Announce NFT Drops, Zora EMBED, Universal’s BAYC Supergroup, and More

This week’s Web3 Wrap includes Telefon Tel Aviv and EFFIXX’s upcoming generative art drop, Universal’s announcement of a Bored Ape Yacht Club music “supergroup,” Sven Vath’s inaugural NFT drop, Zora’s new EMBED feature, and MODA DAO’s Lite Paper and advisor announcement.

Dive into the latest in music and Web3 below.

Telefon Tel Aviv Collaborates With EFFIXX on Generative Audio-Visual NFT

Telefon Tel Aviv has collaborated with EFFIXX on an upcoming generative audio-visual project for Nowhere Gallery, titled Invocation.

Invocation will feature a collection of 1000 generative audio-visual pieces that will be birthed from three attributes: Disposition, Intent, and Outlook. According to the platform, “Some are friendly, some are aloof; some are quiet, others are noisy; some are wicked, many are kind.” Outside of those details, nothing else has or will be revealed until pre-minting begins on November 19.

You can check out the platform and a preview of the work here.

Universal Announces Kingship, a Bored Ape Super Group

Behemoth music label Universal Music Group has announced a new virtual band based on Bored Ape Yacht Club avatars.

The group will be called Kingship and is directly inspired by Gorillaz, featuring four Apes owned by prominent collector Jimmy “j1mmy” McNelis that will release music, perform virtually, and drop NFT projects. Much like the Gorillaz, storytelling and backstories will be developed around the characters in Kingship.

McNelis, however, will not be involved in the creation of the music, which, in our opinion, is a missed opportunity to engage the BAYC community by sourcing music-producing BAYC owners. Regardless, this is undoubtedly bullish news for BAYC and the NFT space as a whole and is quite possibly the first NFT project to get a second life in the mainstream media, backed by one of the biggest record labels on the planet.

Zora Launches EMBED, Allowing NFTs to be Embedded on Any Other Platform

Today, Zora launched EMBED, a new feature allowing any Zora NFT to be displayed on any “blog, website, collection, or portfolio.”

Until the new feature dropped, you would have needed to implement the Zora development kit to showcase an NFT on any other platform. Now, it’s as easy as selecting an NFT, hitting the share button, selecting embed, and copying and pasting the embed code snippet into the website. Users can also check boxes to have the NFT embed loop, autoplay, show its title, and controls. We’ve embedded an NFT below to showcase the new feature.

This is huge news for creators who have built up their own audience and community as they can now release audio and visual content such as music videos, embed them into their existing platforms and sites, and own and monetize the content themselves.

You can find out more about Zora’s EMBED here.

MODA DAO Partners With Deadmau5 and Releases its Lite Paper

MODA DAO has released its Lite Paper and announced Deadmau5 as a partner and advisor.

MODA’s Lite Paper V1 was released last week and details MODA’s plan for a new music industry ecosystem that utilizes Web3 and NFT technology. The paper provides an in-depth dive into what’s under the hood of MODA, including the industry problems it’s aiming to solve; the $MODA token and its tokenomics and liquidity mining program; the tools that will be available to token holders, which include a publishing arm and innovation lab, a custom audio-fingerprinting and data-extraction algorithm, and an NFT aggregator; the MODA governance and DAO structure; and its five-year roadmap to becoming a fully autonomous DAO.

Following the Lite Paper release, this week MODA announced Joel Zimmerman (a.k.a. Deadmau5) as a DAO partner and advisor. Zimmerman was also among those who contributed to a $5 million private token sale.

MODA will reportedly release a portion of its token supply on the Ethereum, Fantom, Near, and Polygon blockchains by the end of November, with Polygon announced as the first public pre-sale.

You can read the Lite Paper here and sign up and create your MODA profile here.

Sven Vath Announces NFT Drop

Sven Vath has announced an NFT drop on NFT marketplace Atlanticus, in partnership with Cocoon.

The drop features two tiers: “Unique” and “Rare,” with the former being a one-of-one offering as an auction and the latter available in an edition of 500 at $299 each. The “Unique” NFT includes the long version of an unreleased track and 3D visual designed by W.O.W, plus a virtually autographed photo, two leather hangtags, a leather wallet, a garment from Sven’s collection, and a 2022 season guestlist to Cocoon events for two people. The “Rare” editions will include the short version of the unreleased track and 2D visual by W.O.W., the virtually autographed photo, one guestlist spot for a Cocoon event worldwide, and the first 250 buyers will receive a leather hangtag.

You can check out the drop here.

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