Web3 Weekly Wrap: HEATDAO Explores Movement Data, SuperRare Posts Best Month, MODA DAO Raises $5 Million, and MoreWeb3 Weekly Wrap: HEATDAO Explores Movement Data, SuperRare Posts Best Month, MODA DAO Raises $5 Million, and More

This week’s Web3 Wrap includes a new movement data DAO HEATDAO, electronic pioneers Mille Plateaux’s Tezos gallery, MODA DAO’s $5 million private token sales, SuperRare’s record month, Facebook’s polarizing rebrand, and much more.

Check it all out below.

HEATDAO Will Allow Creators to Capture and Monetize Their Movement Data With NFTs 

This week, HEATDAO released its inaugural NFT drop and outlined its mission.

HEATDAO is an innovative studio that aims to empower “dancers to capture, create, and monetize their movement data through the use of NFTs.” HEATDAO’s first NFT offering will help kick off their marketing and expansion efforts—including the launch of an NFT marketplace, and includes “The Data,” a transfixing skeletal piece that visualizes movement data and is one example of how movement NFTs will be represented on their platform; and “The Prototype,” a piece that visualizes “THE DATA” NFT’s skeleton using the avatar of Panther Modern, the NFT artist and founding member of HEATDAO. Each of the NFTs also include extras such as studio time with the HEATDAO team, access to their private Discord, dance data airdrops, and more.

You can read more about HEATDAO and find the NFTs here.

Mille Plateaux Launches Curated Tezos Art Gallery

Influential electronic label Mille Plateaux this week shared a curated art gallery, showcasing a wide range of Tezos art from hic et nunc.

The gallery is hosted using interactive designer Andreas Rau’s Hexpo, a free-to-use gallery tool that pulls in art from hic et nunc. Fans of Mille Plateaux will be greeted by art with a similar aesthetic to that of the label’s, which, since its inception in 1993, has paired inspired experiments in genre and style with equally forward-thinking visual art. Across the gallery you can find art by Frederik Vanhoutte, makeitrad, Jason Ting (jzlabs), Johan Karlsson, zachlieberman, Sebastiano Barbieri, Jongeirr Petarrson, Linus Dahlgren, igdeputra, David Drayton, and many other. Clicking through into each piece also links out to the art on hic et nunc, where you can purchase the pieces.

Check out the full gallery here.

MODA DAO Raises $5 Million Before Public Token Launch

MODA DAO, a decentralized technology network and community, has raised $5 million via a private token sale before its public launch on November 10 via SushiSwap’s MISO platform.

The private token sale included investment from producers and Web3 artists Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) and Richie Hawtin, as well as VCs Outlier Ventures, Blocksync, FBG Capital, and Double Peak, among others. According to the press release, MODA DAO will use the funds to launch “a framework through which artists can harness Web3 technology such as NFTs, micro-licensing, DAO governance, and DeFi to evolve their music business,” and so far plans include a unique on-chain audio fingerprinting tool and a cross-chain audio NFT aggregator that will allow NFTs to replace MP3-downloads.

MODA has also committed to releasing over $1 million worth of creative and technical grants over the next two years to individuals and teams who submit proposals to the DAO. Applications for those grants are currently open and can be found here.

You can read more about MODA DAO and its roadmap here.

SuperRare Posts Best Month

NFT platform SuperRare posted its best sales month to date in October.

According to Decrypt and Dune Analytics, the platform had more than $31 million in NFT sales this month, although, interestingly, only half the amount of collectors were buying work compared to March, which was the previous best month—the average sale price was much higher, however, sitting around 12.1 ETH. A reason for this wide-spread data set could be that, as Decrypt notes, NFT-collecting fund Starry night Capital was responsible for nearly half of SuperRare’s total trading volume, with one of the fund’s biggest purchases being XCOPY’s “Dankrupt,” which was bought for 469 ETH ($1.9 million).

You can read more here.

Nifty Gateway Will Focus on Assuming an NFT Aggregator Role 

Nifty Gateway has announced a new mission to serve as a permissionless NFT aggregator.

Speaking exclusively to Decrypt, Nifty Gateway co-founder Duncan Cock Foster noted that the company’s strategy “has always been a little like working backwards to what we want to achieve. Our goal has always been to build a really significant company in the NFT space, and our mission is to get one billion people collecting NFTs.” The first new feature to be released under the new mission is Verified Drops, bringing in popular projects Doodles, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Pudgy Penguins, and Creature World, among others.

Nifty Gateway will continue to act as a custodial wallet service holding assets for users, as well as offering easy connection with external wallets. It’s also looking for ways to enable transacting with lower Ethereum gas fees, and offers the ability for users to simply pay with credit cards.

Facebook Changes its Name to Meta

In arguably the most polarizing news in the Web3 space, Facebook announced its name change, rebranding to Meta.

The rebrand was announced at Facebook’s annual Connect conference on Thursday, October 28, and aims to position the social media behemoth as a metaverse company. The announcement was followed by an outpouring of posts from prominent members of the Web3 world, with calls for users and Web3 builders to band together against distrustful entities such as Facebook, who are a threat to what should be an open metaverse. John Carmack, the CTO at Facebook-owned virtual reality company Oculus, noted during a keynote speech on Thursday that “it’s unlikely we’re going to be in the completely open crypto world of things,” and went on to add confusion as to what Facebook’s plans may be, and his hesitation in regards to those plans, stating “my worry is that we could spend years and thousands of people possibly, and wind up with things that didn’t contribute all that much to the ways people are actually using the devices and hardware today.”

What to Join and Who to Follow:

Panther Modern: musician, artist, and founding member of HEATDAO.

Hexpo: a free gallery tool for art on hic et nunc.

Andreas Rau: Hexpo creator, designer, and generative artist.

Michael / micmac.eth: Web3 developer and writer.

freeCodeCamp: free coding lessons and resources.

glia: producer and Web3 artist minting music NFTs on XNFT and Catalog.

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