Web3 Weekly Wrap: EDMjunkies Partners With MODA DAO, Leaving Records Drops New NFT Singles, Pharrell and CXIP DAO, and MoreWeb3 Weekly Wrap: EDMjunkies Partners With MODA DAO, Leaving Records Drops New NFT Singles, Pharrell and CXIP DAO, and More

This week’s Web3 Wrap features a host of music-based developments in the Web3 space, including EDMjunkies’s partnership with MODA and its impending launch, Leaving Records new NFT singles on Catalog, a new avatar metaverse project from Deadmau5, nft now and Christie’s ‘The Gateway’ gallery at Miami Art Basel, and more.

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EDMjunkies Joins and Partners With MODA DAO 

EDMjunkies is proud to announce a partnership with MODA DAO.

EDMjunkies will be working alongside MODA on its vision for music in Web3—what the DAO is calling Music3—which will include a publishing arm and innovation lab, audio-fingerprinting and data-extraction algorithms, NFT standards and aggregators, automated finance, and more. We will be working alongside other partners such as Emanate, Richie Hawtin, Blond:ish, mau5trap and Deadmau5, Subpac, Ayita, ByeBye Plastic, Rising Agency, Blocksync Ventures, Outlier Ventures, and many more (you can check the full list of partners here).

MODA will be publicly launching on November 25, with more information on the launch and its token IDO (Initial DEX Offering) on the MODA DAO Twitter and website.

Leaving Records Releases New NFT Single by The Growth Eternal

EDMjunkies favorites Leaving Records this week released a new single by The Growth Eternal on Catalog.

The single, titled “Transitioning,” is a gorgeously produced slice of free-flowing pop by Tulsa-raised, LA-based vocoder/bassist Byron Crenshaw, that was written about family—the cover art also features him in 5th grade. A 0.5 ETH reserve has been set to kick off the auction, with 15% of the initial sale directed towards the treasury of GenreDAO, Leaving Records’ DAO, which is a community set up to fund “creative project incubation for artists, events, artist mutual aid, and more.” The winner of the auction will also get $GENRE tokens, the native token of the DAO, allowing them to join the DAO.

Leaving Records has also recently minted a whole host of tracks on Catalog from AshTrejinkins, TEK.LUN, Black Taffy, Maral, Colloboh, and Matthewdavid. You can check out the full playlist here.

You can find the single here.

Deadmau5 Releases Avatar NFT Drop

On Monday, Deadmau5 dropped his first avatar NFT collection, ‘head5.’

The collection features 5555 heads with a randomly generated set of traits, from warped takes on the mau5 head to mutant-like human-robot combinations and occult-ish goats—you can check out some of the minted heads on the Twitter page. One of the key features of the project, and arguably its most interesting, is that each NFT will have utility in over 400 metaverse integrations. NFT holders will also get early access to and be rewarded with future Deadmau5 projects.

The NFTs, which are on the Polygon chain and cost 0.15 wETH ($640 at the time of writing) to mint, can be collected here. Note: users will have to bridge their ETH to Polygon to pay for the NFTs and you can find instructions for how to do that here.

Pharrell Williams Partners With CXIP Labs on CXIP DAO in Aim to Protect NFT Artist’s Rights

Pharrell Williams has partnered with CXIP Labs as an advisor to launch CXIP DAO.

As reported by Decrypt, CXIP DAO’s aim is to allow creators to control and govern the NFT space rather than semi-centralized platforms such as OpenSea or Rarible. CXIP’s marketplace is “for creators, by creators” and allows artists to own the smart contracts they use to mint and move their tokens.

The DAO will govern the marketplace via the CXIP token, which can be claimed by anyone who has minted an NFT on Ethereum. The announcement goes further to add that “DAO members will be able to vote on proposed features and innovations and manage the community treasury, focusing on governance, NFT royalties, metadata, and contracts.” CXIP also has plans to allow integration with all NFT marketplaces and to allow creators to register with the U.S. Copyright Office.

nft now and Christie’s Announce ‘The Gateway’ for Miami Art Basel

nft now and Christie’s will be partnering on a multi-media gallery called ‘The Gateway’ at this year’s Miami Art Basel.

According to the press release, ‘The Gateway’ will give attendees a “glimpse into this not-so-distant future in which the worlds of traditional art and NFTs coexist in creative harmony,” offering curated experiences from platforms, collectors, and curators such as SuperRare, Blockpart, Seedphrase, 33NFT, Ronnie K. Pirovino, and, of course, Christie’s. 

The list of announced featured artists so far includes Coldie, FVCKRENDER, Andre Oshea, Sarah Zucker, Matt Kane, Baeige, Joshua Davies, Alpha Centauri Kid, and more. The artists and experiences will go down in a 23,000 square foot floor of a Miami bank building, which will be transformed into a darkened maze of rooms and audio-visual treats.

You can find out more about ‘The Gateway’ here.

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