Web3 Weekly Wrap: Chris Liebing NFTs, MODA’s Jobs Board, Mark de Clive-Lowe Announces $BUYBACK, Mihai Pol, and MoreWeb3 Weekly Wrap: Chris Liebing NFTs, MODA’s Jobs Board, Mark de Clive-Lowe Announces $BUYBACK, Mihai Pol, and More

This week’s Web3 Wrap includes Chris Liebing inaugural NFT drop in collaboration with Mute Records and EDMjunkies, out today, plus Mark de Clive-Lowe’s crowdfunding campaign to buyback his catalog, MODA DAO’s new jobs board with three new career options, the launch of DOOMSDAYX, a new Web3 creative studio focused on music, and our picks of the latest music NFTs, including release from Mihai Pol, Jack Callahan, Nayiem, nautiluss, Stuff, and more.

Check it out below.

Chris Liebing Releases NFT Collection in Collaboration With Mute and EDMjunkies 

Today, Chris Liebing dropped his first NFT collection in collaboration with Mute Records and EDMjunkies.

The collection expands on Liebing’s most recent album, Another Day, offering both Platinum and Gold editions, with the former available as a one-of-one and the latter available in an edition of three. Both editions will grant owners access to an exclusive visual version of the album, created by Edith and Anna Bergfors from StudioBergfors—the Platinum edition will feature a 4k download, and the Gold an HD version—plus a download and vinyl copy of the LP. The owner of the Platinum Edition will also have guestlist for life to any of Liebing’s shows, as long as they are the owner of the NFT; the Gold owners, on the other hand, will have guestlist for one year to any of his shows.

The NFTs are minted on the Polygon blockchain and available to buy on OpenSea. Payments can be made in ETH, xDAI, and USDC tokens on the Polygon chain, and you can find instructions on how this works here.

You can purchase the NFTs here.

Mark de Clive-Lowe Launches $BUYBACK to Buy Back Seven of His Albums From Labels

Mark de Clive-Lowe has launched $BUYBACK, a crowdfund to buy back the rights to seven of his albums.

Launched on Tuesday, January 18, the crowdfund has already raised 8.55 ETH ($23,800 at the time of writing), which is just shy of the 12 ETH goal. The $BUYBACK campaign offers three NFT tiers for the funding: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Platinum is available in an edition of 10 for 1 ETH each and offers the buyers 1000 $BUYBACK tokens; Gold is available in an edition of 20 for 0.5 ETH and offers 500 $BUYBACK tokens; and finally, Silver is available in an edition of 50 for 0.1 ETH and offers 100 $BUYBACK tokens. 

All $BUYBACK token holders will be founding members and have governance and voting rights to the as-yet-to-be-launched Mashibeats (DAO), a creator and collector community. They will also have access to gated $BUYBACK channels, online events, IRL events, exclusive access to works-in-progress, and more. Token holders will also have ​​voting rights on “future potential exploitations and reimagining of the catalog as well as new projects and proposals.”

The campaign also rewards the top three funders with lifetime VIP access to all future live shows, plus limited edition NFTs, and more.

You can read more about the campaign and the full roadmap here.

MODA Releases Jobs Board

This week MODA DAO released its first jobs board.

Currently, three career categories have been posted, including a call for Community Managers, roles that will consist of “everything from answering community questions to chatting with the community about current Music3/Web3 events to advising on current competitions/giveaways in the DAO and everything else in-between”; Content Producer, which will include creating social media content for Twitter, writing Medium articles, content release strategizing, and more; and Digital Artist, a role requiring NFT, metaverse, and Web3 experience to create a club buildout in Decentraland, development of a functional game that incorporates music, video edits, overall DAO design aesthetics, and more.

All three roles will initially require at least five to 10 hours of work per week, with a view to eventually becoming full-time roles.

You can read more and apply via MODA here.

DOOMSDAYX Launches and Raises $1.5 Million 

DOOMSDAYX has launched.

DOOMSDAYX is a new Web3 creative studio focused around the music ecosystem, created and led by Doomsday Entertainment, an award-winning production house that has developed and produced music videos for Childish Gambino, Die Antwoord, Flying Lotus, Frank Ocean, and hundreds more. The new endeavor will provide, according to the announcement, “creative, strategic, and technical services to build bespoke projects for artists we believe in, while giving fans new levels of access, adventure, and contribution.”

The studio is currently in the development and experimentation phase but has raised $1.5 million in a round led by The Chernin Group (TCG), with participation from Delphi Ventures, IDEO CoLab, and Sneaky Ventures, and angel investors Abridged, Jess Sloss, Cooper Turley, Deeze, Quickrider, Sisyphus, and Trevor Mcfedries.

You can read more about DOOMSDAYX here.

EDMjunkies’s Music NFT Picks, Featuring Jack Callahan, Nayiem, Mihai Pol, and More

We’ve compiled a selection of our favorite music NFT releases from the last couple of weeks, detailed below.

Nina continues an intriguing flow of releases, including “brightlightsbigcity,” a euphoric breakbeat groover from nautiluss; Chicklette’s inventive garage pop; a fascinating 30-minute live piano performance of Kerri Chandler chords by Jack Callahan; an equally stunning and haunting vocal performance by Rubie, recorded at the Swiss Church London; and engrossing ambient excerpts by Nayiem.

On Catalog you’ll find hypercolor beat science by cumulus frisbee; bent and volatile punk electronics with frayed 808s from Stuff; and Gavin Gamboa’s mind-melting rework of his father’s early work from the 1980s.

Pianity, which has become the unofficial home of minimally inclined artists exploring NFTs, has new music from Mihai Pol and Guti, with the former delivering a typically deep and rolling dancefloor cut, and the latter a trippy percussion workout.

What to Join and Who to Follow:

Dārta: NFT artist dealing in surrealism.

EVE Wealth: a wealth DAO “helping womxn learn, earn & invest in a web3 world.”

Nader Dabit: leading Web3 developer and creator of Developer DAO.

Adam Levy: host of The Mint Podcast, former Blockchain and Booze podcast host.

Channel: a Decentralized Media Organization building out tools to help creators join forces.

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