Web3 Weekly Wrap: Actress and Dean Blunt Join Mysterious NFT Collective, Foundation Opens to the Public, Channel’s Roadmap, and MoreWeb3 Weekly Wrap: Actress and Dean Blunt Join Mysterious NFT Collective, Foundation Opens to the Public, Channel’s Roadmap, and More

This week’s Web3 Wrap includes a new Mysterious NFT collective counting Dean Blunt, Cosmin TRG, Laural Halo, Actress, Teebs, and many more as members, decentralized media organization Channel’s product roadmap, Foundation opening its doors to the public, Holly+ Season 1 NFTs, and more.

Check it all out below.

Channel Releases Roadmap 

Decentralized media organization Channel has released its product roadmap.

Over the next few years, Channel will endeavor to “build tools for creators to join forces,” and the product roadmap offers an overview of what some of the tools will look like. Some of the highlights from the roadmap for Season 1 include a General Membership Token, which will act as a subscription to Channel and store member information on-chain; the Channel Dashboard, which will present content, social graphs, chats, and analytics via a unique interface; and a Proof Of Patronage Airdrop, which will reward longtime subscribers to the founder’s channels (Interdependence, New Models, and Joshua Citarella/DNR) with a Season 1 membership.

Further down the line, Channel will open up its membership protocol and tools so that approved creators and communities can offer their own memberships via Channel. There will also be user-curated channels, studios in NYC and Berlin, multi-format content support, and more.

You can read the full roadmap announcement here.

Cosmin TRG, Actress, Dean Blunt, Laurel Halo, and More Join Mysterious NFT Collective

Mysterious, a new collective releasing music video NFTs, have launched.

As the name might suggest, not a lot is known about the platform and collective other than the mission “to help the world’s best experimental audio-visual artists realize the full value of their art.” This will be done via curated drops from the founding artists and a Web3 music festival.

The founding artists of Mysterious include Mount Kimbie, Actress, Cosmin TRG, Dean Blunt, Laurel Halo, Shigeto, Moritz Von Oswald, Teebs, MNDSGN, Prefuse 73, Kali Malone, Beatrice Dillon, FaltyDL, and Lotic, among others.

The NFTs will be dropping May 27.

You can find more information and check out Mysterious here.

Foundation Opens to the Public

Popular NFT marketplace Foundation has opened to the public.

This week, Foundation announced it was opening its doors to the public. The announcement was met with mixed responses, with many creators and users predicting that the platform would now be filled with spam and scams, and that it was now no different than Opensea. Foundation was previously invite-only, with selected artists given a set amount of invites to pass on to fellow creators, which ensured a quality control for what appeared on the platform.

The public release follows a recent round of upgrades to the platform, which included “buy it now” functionality, the ability to make offers on works, a reduction of the fees from 15% to 5%, and more.

Holly+ DAO Releases Season 1 NFT Collection 

Last week, the Holly+ DAO released its Season 1 collection of NFTs, featuring 70 different artists and tracks.

For those unfamiliar, the Holly+ DAO governs an AI version of acclaimed artist Holly Herndon, which also acts as a high-powered tool that allows creators to create music and art with Herndon’s voice and image. Any artist can create works with Holly+, but only members of the DAO can officially publish them under a governance structure that verifies official usage. 

Each Season, the Holly+ DAO puts out an open call for submissions of works created with the technology, with a selection being released and auctioned off by the DAO via Zora’s Auction House. The Season 1 collection of NFTs was released last week and featured works by 70 artists, including Thys, Claude Speed, Shadowsweat, Deafbeef, Azur & Maelstrom, and many others.

Proceeds from the sales of the NFTs were split across contributors, with 50% going to the creating artist, 40% to the Holly+ DAO, and 10% to Herndon herself.

You can find the Season 1 collection here, with more on the auction house and project here.

What to Join and Who to Follow:

Raays: LA-based producer releasing on Leaving Records, and Genre DAO member.

XHL Unit: producer, creative director, and White Forest label head.

Endless: music production studio and community.

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