Watch Ben Pearce take on Mixmag at the Call of Duty WWII Resistance DLC launch

Funster takes on Pearce in a clash the titans

Last week, we headed down to Kachette in Shoreditch for the Call Duty WWII Resistance DLC launch event and documented what went down. More importantly, who went down as we hosted our first ever head-to- head match.

The night celebrated the launch the new DLC pack which contains three new multiplayer maps, a new war mode mission ‘Operation Intercept and an all-new, horrifying chapter Nazi Zombies ‘The Darkest Shore’. We sent our man Funster down to take on DJ and producer Ben Pearce to see who truly is the best the best.

In a best out three showdown, Pearce took on Funster with some frantic free-for- all combat and the winner took eternal glory, while the loser, well their defeat is immortalised forever for all to see.

The head-to- head took place across the three new multiplayer maps. First up is Anthropoid, set in the war-torn city Prague and a larger map that allows for frantic Domination games while second map Occupation takes place in Paris where derelict buildings and bombed-out vehicles make for perfect skirmish spots across all game modes.

The final new map, and potentially our favourite, is Valkyrie, a medium sized map inspired by The Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s Eastern-front headquarters and it fers up plenty crows-nests and covered walkways to plan your attacks with alongside a mix indoor and outdoor points contact.

Fans the game will be able to access all the new maps, as well as a whole new War mission and Zombies chapter by grabbing the Resistance DLC now, but for fans who want access all year round, then it’s all about the Season Pass. The Season Pass allows you to download all the new content as it drops, so you’ll never miss a battle, zombie kill or bomb disposal, and will you’ll be one the first people to access DLCs as they drop.

You can watch the full video the bout below and for more information about Call Of Duty WWII, the Resistance DLC and Season Pass click .

The Resistance DLC is out now

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