Vallyre Revolutionizes Pop With New Release “Bloodsweat”

Boston-based singer-songwriter Vallyre recently dropped one of the most refreshing pop releases of 2020. The song called "Bloodsweat" is a total heart stealer. Reminder: it will be hard for you to get the catchy melody out of your mind. The lyrics are pretty simple, yet the talented artist was able to put depth in its simplicity, a rare and unique ability for a songwriter. "Bloodsweat" is sweet and dark at the same time, making an intriguing resonance for the listener. It goes beyond pop and breaths freshness into the genre that sometimes feels like it gave everything it could to the music industry. However, artists like Vallyre come to prove that pop never gets old. It just waits for the right performer to come along and revolutionize it. The release of "Bloodsweat" is a one of a kind revolution for pop.

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