Ukrainians Host Techno “Clean Up Raves” To Restore Buildings Destroyed By Russia

Your feel-good story of the week is here. Recently trending on social media, some cities of Ukraine have been hosting “clean-up raves.” For many months Russia has been destroying infrastructure in Ukraine. These dance parties are in response and speak so much volume. Ukrainians are going about their lives regardless of the circumstances – and all the props to them for it.

The Viral Tik Tok shows people in Northern Ukraine clearing out bombed-out buildings with Techno vibing them along. I find it so cool DJs are setting up and producing positive vibes for a sad situation. With most Ukrainians unable to attend Summer festivals like the rest of us, this is their way of returning back to a “normal” life. Music really does bring people together, in good times and bad.

I hope for the day that music festivals can return to Ukraine. The citizens there deserve it more than anyone.

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