Two Men Caught Stealing Dozens of Cell Phones at Life in Color Festival

Whenever there is a massive gathering people, odds are there will be some bad apples. At Miami’s recent Life in Color Festival, Yoarky Wilson-Ordonez and Luis Jesus Hernandez took the prize for the worst them all. Together they stole upwards 61 cell phones different models over the course the festival before they were stopped by police.

One the ficers on location wrote in his report: “Both defendants had colored paint on their hair and clothing which shows me that they were inside the events.” I can guess these two stood out like soar thumbs, as Yoarky and Luis are a bit older than the typical festival goer (43 and 51 years old respectively).

When stopped by the police, Hernandez was quick to throw aside a bag and make a break for it. He was soon taken into custody. Victims later identified the suspects as the men they had previously seen touching their bags while they were in the crowd. Both men are being held on $77,000 bond in Miami.

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