Tricky just completely slagged off Bristol's "fairytale" music scene

Bristol might have spawned artists like , Portishead and Roni Size, but that hasn't stopped Tricky saying the city has no music scene whatsoever.

The Bristolian musician, who worked with Massive Attack early on in his career, was speaking to BBC West when he made the comments.

In the short video, the 'Maxinquaye' artist said: "There's never been a music scene in Bristol. That's all hype. Just all hype. Bristol ain't this magical music place. That's just not how it is, that's just what people write about Bristol. It's all like a fairytale.

"If Bristol was so good I would have got my record deal there and still be living there."

Tricky's first two albums, 'Maxinquaye' and 'Pre-Millennium Tension', were released on 4th & Broadway, a label under the Island Records umbrella. 'Angels With Dirty Faces' and 'Juxtapose' were also released on Island in 1998 and 1999 respectively.

It seems his comments weren't necessarily aimed at artists from the South West England city, instead at those responsible for making those musicians bigger.

He added: "There are some great musicians in Bristol and there are some great singers and vocalists. No one knows who they are. If it was such a big musical scene where are all these other Massive Attacks, where are all these other bands?"

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