Tom Did It Brings The Heat with “Like Me”

17-year-old artist Tom Did It brings some self affirmation to the table with his new drop "Like Me." Diving into the interpersonal scenarios young artists deal with on the rise to the top, the release is laced with refreshing cadences, a cloud rap anthem meant for those who once overlooked the artist's talent. "I just wanted a song people can get super hyped to and also have a slight meaning behind it, the song is basically a hate message to the ones that never supported me or liked me back before I did music, but now they see me making moves, and they’re coming back."   Ending the year with a bang, Tom is rolling over that energy into the next year and it'll be dope to see how his career progresses in 2021.


Make sure to check out "Like Me" from Tom Did It and let us know your thoughts down in the comment section below.

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