Timmy Trumpet Throws Opening Pitch, Plays Walk-On Music for New York Mets Player

If you want to get hyped, you have to watch Timmy Trumpet play ‘Narco’ at the New York Mets game. The Mets closer, Edwin Diaz, routinely uses ‘Narco’ as his entrance song into the game. This of course is Timmy’s banger from 2017. Rather than using a recording, while Timmy was in town, they got the man himself to play it live.

The energy is off the chart and the crowd was loving it. I am sure Timmy Trumpet never imagined when he made the song to be playing at a Baseball game. Timmy is super into it and we honestly love this for the dance community. The Australian DJ had never attended a baseball game. Could there have been a better moment? Well, actually yes there could be. He also threw the opening pitch for the game.

Timmy Trumpet has had himself a Summer. While at Tomorrowland he and Hardwell premiered their unreleased record. He of course is still on tour which you can check out here. He will be at Dreamland Music Festival, Lollapalooza Berlin, Amsterdam Music Festival, and many more!

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