This Awesome Little Gadget Lets You Scratch Records Without A Needle

DJ purists, your dreams have been answered because there’s a cool little invention that could potentially bring  back the vinyl era (not that it’s ever truly gone). Thanks to a nifty new tool Phase by French company MWM, you can now essentially scratch vinyl without using a needle in your DJ sets.

Phase works by translating the movements a record into standard timecode format called DVS (Digital Vinyl System) used by most digital DJ tools such as Traktor and Serato. Phase works on any vinyl, simply by being affixed on top a record, and it plays the digital files your standard DJ tool (using DVS) which means that you can scratch and play records to your heart’s desire without the need a needle. Phase is extremely portable, as you can see from the video below, and works with any turntable and any record player setup.

Check out the intro video for more details. Phase is expected to be released this summer at a $300 price point.



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