There's A New EDM Super-Group On The Way Lead By The Legendary KSHMR

R3hab and KSHMR could very well be our next superstar DJ duo!

In a telling social media post, R3hab poses a question that sounds a lot more like a real possibility than it does hypothetical: Do you think that KSHMR and I should start a supergroup? For anyone who loves their collaborations, “Karate,” “Islands,” and “Strong,” the answer is obvious.

With imaginations racing with what the potential side project might sound like, R3hab asks dance music fans to put their two cents in. All in favor should like and/or comment on the post below. So far, most the responses are overwhelmingly positive.

“Obviously! You guys are awesome!! When you two produce music together, it’s a blast.”

“Let the legends come together and create a whole new world…… and allow me to get lost in it.”

“What do mean by should you??!!! Of course you should, that’d be soooo lit.”

We’re all for this! Do you think these guys would make a good team? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

R3hab x KSHMR



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