The headphones that massage your ears with plastic pins

Throwing on your headphones and zoning out to your tunes has always been a reliable method relaxation, but what if your headphones just massaged your ears instead?

is a “personal ear acupressure device” that aims to melt your stress away by prodding your ears with plastic pins. The company is currently aiming to raise $20,000 through Kickstarter and have received kudos from The World Health Organization (WHO) for their unique “auricular acupuncture” design.

In an informational video about how the gadget works, a narrator walks through a bunch anatomical terms such as “vagus nerve”, “autonomic nervous system” and “parasympathetic system.” Skipping past all the science jargon, the clunky and extremely unstylish headphones are essentially meant to “manage your body rhythms” and reduce stress through the practice acupressure.

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