The glory of house and techno rave culture in 30 photos

A new photo book titled documents the glory house and techno rave culture around the world a series intimate snapshots from a wide range sources.

The project is a collaboration from Parisian photographer Irwin Barbé with Lyon-based graphic-design studio Local Service as well as nearly 40 photographers, both amateur and pressional, from countries in Europe, America and Asia.

The result is a raw and riveting glimpse the underground dance music phenomenon:

“Our aim was to make an immersive object, and to recreate the loss sensorial and cultural reference points typical these festive moments. We imagined this book as a subjective representation the resurgences the house and techno cultural movements, the new ways partying that our generation (re)invents, and, by extension, an aesthetic analysis the places where club and rave culture is consumed nowadays.”

Only 200 signed and numbered copies the limited edition photo book will be made available. Find out more and purchase the book the Mydriasis crowdfunding page .

View a collection photos from the project below.

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