The Chainsmokers To Cover Michael Jackson, Britney Spears & More for Pepsi

Pepsi has always recruited a star-studded roster for its advertising campaigns. Everyone from Christina Aguilera to Kendall Jenner, the Spice Girls to Jeff Gordon, and Nicki Minaj to The All American Rejects have repped the brand over the years. Now, the company is enlisting in The Chainsmokers to promote the st drink at a very special concert event!

The news comes as the Pepsi Generations Summer Music Campaign has been announced. The show, which takes place at the Hollywood Palladium in July, will pay tribute to the beverage company’s long list celebrity spokespeople. There’s bound to be plenty musical surprises.

But this is where it gets good — we’re told the EDM/pop crossover sensations will be putting their own spin on songs from Pepsi legends years past. This means The Chainsmokers will be covering Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Britney SpearsBeyoncé and more during their Pepsi Generations performance.

The duo’s Alex Pall revealed to AP:

“We’re kind nervous. But lucky for us, they have endless amount songs that are extremely popular that people love to hear. We just have to figure out how to mix everything in. I think it’ll be a cool experience for us. We don’t get to play a lot Ray Charles at our shows.”

It’s difficult to wrap our heads around what these electronic-infused renditions pop classics might sound like. We’re not totally sure what to expect — other than plenty Pepsi products at the concession stands, course.



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