The Amount of Data Used At The Super Bowl Is Absolutely Insane

It was a common occurrence to see spectators looking at their phones during Super Bowl 52… Even this “Halftime kid” below seemed more interested in his screen than anything Justin Timberlake was doing IRL.

So it’s not surprising that the event saw 18.8 TB data used during the big game, in and around the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Ok, well maybe it is surprising considering that was only among people using the Verizon network. The thrilling game just had to be tweeted, uploaded to Facebook, shared to Instagram, etc. in real time.

Verizon’s total data usage during the Philadelphia Eagles’ win over the New England Patriots blew the 11 TB record, which the cell phone carrier reported during Super Bowl 51 in Houston last year. Verizon’s service was utilized by 57 percent attendees, according to .

Spikes in social media sharing reportedly occurred during kickf, Justin Timberlake’s Halftime performance, and during the Patriots’ late game fumble.

AT&T saw an additional 7.2 TB data usage, bringing Super Bowl 52 to total 26 TB. No numbers yet on Sprint, and T-Mobile said it will not report data use from the event.

Wi-Fi usage at last night’s game is also thought to have broken records, but no ficial numbers on that yet.



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