Sublime vibes from YOUR6OD latest melodic techno release!

We are kicking off 2021 after an unusual winter holiday (you know why already, don’t make me write it) with a sublime release by YOUR6OD that will take you into a transcending and unforgettable musical trip.

“Intento” can be labeled as a deep melodic techno with some pure progressive house influences. And yes, this combination of genres makes the track so unique, as sound and vibes too.

Dreamy arpeggios , discrete plucks , a heavy and powerful groove plus the atmospheric vocals are sending the listener into a dreamy state. Everything flows perfectly from the starts till the end, because excepting the fact that “Intento” sounds like a very good produced tune, the structure is balanced with the perfect buildups and breaks.

Give it a go below and don’t forget to add it on your personal Spotify playlist!

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