Spotify Rips Off Pandora with Brand New App "Stations"

Spotify has been ruling as the most popular music streaming platform — but it could be soon be rivaling Pandora and other station-based apps in a big way.

There once was a time when Pandora was the king online listening, as it provided its users with customizable radio stations based on artists, genres, songs, and other preferences. When Spotify came around, people loved the option to choose music a la carte.

Now, a new “Stations by Spotify” app has appeared. According to , it was visible in the Google Play Store but the report couldn’t confirm which for markets. “Stations by Spotify” is at the very least being tested in Australia, and supported by advertising instead paid memberships.

Spotify wasn’t quick to give out any information.

“We are always testing new products and experiences, but have no further news to share at this time,” was all a rep would say.

According to , the app provides a plethora playlists including users’ very own Discover Weekly. “Spotify Stations” is perfect for anyone who wants to pull up a playlist or set a mood quickly, with very little effort.


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