Sony unveils party-primed High-Power Audio systems

Sony is promising to help you “power a proper party in 2018”, unveiling three new High-Power home audio systems

There’s the “all-in-one box” styles MHC-V71D and MHC-V41D, or the “3-box” model MHC-M20D, which a press release states will all “fill any room with booming sounds”.

Each model utilises integrated Spread Sound Generator technology, helping them spread robust sounds at a high volume.

The V71D has LIVE SOUND, psychedelic 360˚ party lights and a gesture controls allowing you to be the DJ integrated, making it an ideal centrepiece to set a party atmosphere.

It also has the new TAIKO mode, allowing you to use the High-Power Audio one-box system like a virtual drum or instrument, reinforcing your favourite tracks with self-made rhythms and compete against friends for high scores.

Other interactive features included in the V71D and V41D are the Party King feature and Fiestable app, which allow you to share your party on social media. You can also create Wireless Party Chains, connecting up to 50 compatible systems together, and connect multiple devices so different revellers can load tracks.

The 3-box M20D uses a high-power amplifier to generate impressive sound pressure.

Compatible music source inputs span the range CD, DVD, USB, Bluetooth, mic & guitar inputs and HDMI OUT (ARC).

The MHC-V41D and MHC-V71D models land in April and will be priced at approximately £400 and £550 respectively. The MHC-M20D model arrives in May 2018 and will cost in the region £280.

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