SNAJDER and Josie Sandfeld Come Together To Deliver ‘Breath’

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Fridays are for music. Anticipating the weekend, playlists are updated as the hours fly by. Contributing to that feeling, we didn’t want to fall short of the vibe, and we found the right tune to get you ready for the days ahead. Are you a fan of melody? Meet SNAJDER.


SNAJDER is a DJ and music producer from Denmark. An avid Progressive House and Big Room artist, his tracks often feature uplifting melodies and savoury, powerful drops. His style is characterised by a seamless blend between elements from different subgenres, a process which has earned him recognition worldwide.

Currently signed to Warner Music, his songs are no strangers to popping off and gracing the community. In fact, the combined total of his ten most popular tracks currently on Spotify sits well above two million streams. And he’s only getting started.


SNAJDER’s latest, ‘Breath‘, is a conjoint effort alongside singer/songwriter Josie Sandfeld. A journey through the genres and what makes EDM as great as it is, the collaboration explores the theme of introspection and self-discovery, both lyrically and melodically. The song truly showcases expertise in all aspects.

‘Breath’ kicks off purely instrumental, a cue borrowed from the best hits from ten years ago. After a buildup, the tension is released in the form of a Big-Room-Trance-slash-Electro-slash-Progressive-House-like drop which puts it all together for a belter of a beat. When the break comes, enter Josie’s vocals, just in time to elevate this single up a few notches. Amazing.

Listen to SNAJDER and Josie Sandfeld’s starring new track ‘Breath‘ by clicking the Spotify button provided below. Alternatively, click this link to support it on your platform of choice. Finally, be sure to follow SNAJDER and Josie on their socials. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and reviews from our beloved EDM industry.

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